Coronavirus Update For Toucan Valley

Submitted by user on Fri, 04/17/2020 - 21:37
Granular Poison Frog or Blue Jeans Frog

A lot of you have been in contact with regards to the current situation on the Coronavirus in Costa Rica and the Village. We wanted to update you on what is going on at this point and measures that we will be implementing over the coming days and weeks. Our first priority is to protect everyone on our mountain. Those who are currently in residence, our crew and their families. We can all help to keep each other safe and well over the coming months and protect our community. Please be aware if you are traveling to and from the village and maintain social distancing while in the common areas.

Our Crew: We are paying close attention to the Costa Rica government's advice with regards to travel restrictions, working hours and business closures. At the moment, the crew are all still working full time at the village. In the coming days they may be asked to work reduced hours or stop coming to work completely for a time. We will follow all the government advice on this subject and then implement the rules they bring out. We want to look after our crew and their families through this time and will do as much as we can to support them. Currently we are putting plans in place to keep the essential tasks running in the village, even if the crew are unable to come into work, such as, keeping the water running.

Common Areas: In the coming weeks we may need to close down the common areas in the village, until then we are taking the following precautions. We recommend that no public gatherings or group activities be held in the community areas until further notice. Our crew are regularly cleaning and disinfecting the common areas daily. The bar area, pool chairs, public restrooms and community center. The Laundry room is also cleaned daily. We ask that everyone only touch their own clothes. We have taken the decision to chlorinate the pool to the level recommended by The World Health Organisation. “The World Health Organisation recommended chlorination level of 15mg.min/litre is sufficient to kill non-enveloped viruses such as poliovirus, rotavirus and coxsackievirus, and an enveloped virus such as Covid-19 would be inactivated at even lower levels, the document says” Notice will be given about further changes and closures of the common areas.

Travel: There is a travel ban in place for foreigners and non residents visiting Costa Rica until April 12th. For whatever reason, if you, a guest, a friend or family member is planning on staying in any of the villas over the next two months. Even if you are traveling to the village from within Costa Rica, then please inform us before your arrival. On arrival we would ask that go into self quarantine for 14 days. We will keep you informed about further changes moving forward. Remember that you can still go for a walk or hike and enjoy the great outdoors. We all need to look after our mental health as well as our physical health through these uncertain times ahead. Thank you all for your help and support as we keep our community safe.