Terms & Conditions

Resort General Policy

  1. Toucan Valley Resort

Toucan Valley, S.A. will provide a safe place to live an abundant life, with a variety of exciting and educational tours and attractions on and off the property for both residents and guests. We recognize that we live in relation to the natural world and to our human neighbors, and will be responsible neighbors to all.

Each Guest using Toucan Valley facilities will receive a copy of the Toucan Valley Terms & Conditions associated with this development. Guests of Toucan Valley are bound by the Resort General Policy.

Toucan Valley may, from time to time, publish operational policies that further expand on these Terms and Conditions and are in the best interest in the functioning of the community.

  1. Code of Ethics

Toucan Valley Resort is a privately owned and operated business. We reserve the right to refuse service and admission or to remove from its premises any person who causes willful damage to Toucan Valley Resort property or Villas, creates a disturbance or threat to the safety and tranquility of the community, or for any violation of the laws of Costa Rica or the Resort Rules and General Polices. In the event a guest is asked to leave, before their check out date, due to having failed to comply with these Terms and Conditions, no reimbursement shall be made for the unused nights.

We have zero tolerance for violence and abusive language of any kind, towards our staff members, owners and others guests at Toucan Valley.

We shall assume no liability for the behavior of any guest, but we do ask that you notify us of any situation that in anyway affects your stay at our Resort.

  1. Guest information

Toucan Valley requires the following information from every guest staying on Toucan Valley property or using its facilities.

Passport information / Home address and contact information / Contact number while in Costa Rica / Emergency contact information.

All information is stored securely on our Reservation system.

  1. Resort General Rules & Polices

Common Area & Villas: The common areas are maintained for the enjoyment of Owners and Guests at Toucan Valley. Currently, the common areas include a garden supplying vegetables, fruit forest supplying seasonal fruits, pool, pool deck, bar, restaurant/community center, roads, hiking trails, and parking.

Willful or negligent damage to common property, Villas or the contents of Villas, will be billed to the individual(s) causing the damage.

Parking: Parking is permitted parallel to any curb (as long as the flow of traffic is unimpeded), parking is also permitted in the Community parking lot, by the Mango tree. No parking is allowed at the pool level by the bar.

Domestic Animals: Pets, except for certified companion animals, may not enter the following areas: bar or restaurant, kitchen, community centre, raised pool area, laundry room and hiking trails on Toucan Valley property and on Toucan Valley leased land. No Pets may enter the pool. Pets though will be permitted in other areas of Toucan Valley, as long as they are on a leash. Please also clean up after your pets.

Swimming Pool: Children under the age of 16 may not use the pool or pool area without the supervision of a parent or guardian. Children under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by a Parent or guardian at all times. Children in diapers may not use the pool unless they are also wearing plastic or leak proof pants over the Diapers.

No glass items are allowed in the pool or on the surrounding deck.

No life guard is on duty at anytime at the pool.

Smoking: Smoking of any kind is prohibited on the raised area around the pool, including the covered area of the bar and community center. Designated smoking areas are provided.

Smoking is not permitted in any rented villa on Toucan Valley property. Smoking is permitted outside on villa decks.

Any smoking related burns, damage, residual odors or additional cleaning needs will be charged to the guest.

Waste & Recycling: Guests are responsible for transporting their trash to the community collection area and must sort their trash according to signs provided for effective recycling.

Guests shall make every effort to compost any organic material according to the composting guidelines.

Villa usage: Villas are residential units only. No business may be operated from a villa, unless the following conditions are met: all employees of the business are residents of the villa AND clients do not visit the villa for business purposes.

Toucan Valley Resort shall refuse service or evict any guest who uses the facilities or villas for any illicit purposes, any instance of exploitation, illegal drugs, sexual abuse, pornography, or sexual tourism in general.

Security: Toucan Valley Resort maintains 24 hour surveillance cameras throughout the common areas of the property.

Prohibited items: The use of firearms, compressed air weapons, fireworks, explosives, accessories and similar items are prohibited within the Resort facilities.

Lost or forgotten items: Our Resort shall not be liable for any possessions, objects or valuables that are lost or left behind in Villas or elsewhere on the property. Any objects or valuables left behind by guests and found by Resort staff shall be kept by the Resort management for sixty days. As soon as we become aware of a forgotten item, however, we will notify the respective guest immediately.

  1. Interaction with Nature

Toucan Valley at Osa was built to be a community to live in balance with the natural world. Therefore, the following rules apply:

When walking and hiking in the jungle please take only pictures and leave only foot prints.

Pets must always be controlled so that they do not become predators on the wildlife or the guests.

Noise caused by humans should be kept to a conversational volume. Loud noises, music, and car horns should be minimized but, in any event, restricted to the hours between 8AM and 9PM. This includes both private and common areas. 

Guests shall make every effort to recycle waste and compost any organic material according to the composting guidelines.

  1. Insurance & Public Liability

No liability coverage is available beyond what our insurance policy covers. We do not extend coverage for any physical injuries on our property or on leased land, in the jungle, on paths or village roads due to accidents, injuries from animals or intentional acts. All guests are responsible for their own physical safety on foot, hiking and in vehicles. Coverage is not extended to any contracted or volunteer activities.


These Terms and conditions are affirmed by each Guest as the rules and understanding of community life in Toucan Valley. The Board of the Corporation is specifically authorized to propose modifications of these Terms and Conditions or institute new rules which shall apply equally and fairly to all Guests, Club Members and Shareholders. Each Guest shall sign and agree to these Terms and Conditions as a condition of using Toucan Valley facilities and Villas.

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